Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Published: Williamson Island

After my last trip to Georgia, I picked up the latest copy of The South Magazine (http://www.thesouthmag.com/) Aug/Sep 2009- the one with UGA on the cover (see below- its that one!). I didn't pick this up because I like reading regional magazines (I do)- but because I had a picture published in the magazine!

For record that makes two publications. One virtual. One paper. Go me. :)

This picture of Williamson Island off the coast of Savannah is featured in a eco-turist artical about the island. The picture has also be floating around the family as a favorite and I have it hanging in one of my exam rooms - @30"x20" it looks pretty awesome.
If you live in the Savannah area, go pick up a copy. Its a great regional
magazine. Plus it also has the 'Hottest Singles' in it... you know, for all of my single friends!

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