Thursday, July 16, 2009

And that is whenthe camera died

I know... you are probably just going to call her "Shamu" and think you know all about Orca Whales. Yeah, that is what I did.

However, a very nice person on flickr told me her name was Tilikum. Sounds reasonable enough to me.

Anyway here is my tip of the day- when at Sea World and you are sittiing in the splash zone, they mean it. I don't mean you might get some sprinkles on you while watching a nice whale show, I am sayin' you get soaking wet, head to toe as this beast lands, displacing a couple of tons of water.

Oh yeah- its also very awesome. They are such amazing creatures. Watching them work with thier trainers is one of the special things that makes me forget the $75 admission fee... per person. It was that cool.

Off to the race track this weekend for some NASCAR action. I hope to have some good pictures up soon.


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