Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our new family member

This past weekend we went back to the farm and received our newest horse- Wicket. I say newest because he is our 'second' horse that we have bought in the last several months. Our first trip to the horse market resulted in Ellie- a three year old former race horse that still had a bit too much energy in her veins and needed near constant training and attention. Ellie now lives with a family that can give her that attention. Since the horse market is way down, finding a new horse wasn't too much a challenge... for Kadi.

So we now have a seven year old 'paint' named Wicket He is much calmer. And much, much huger. This thing is a beast! Even with Wicket's massive girth being, this guy is just great around the kids. Well this says it all.

Our New Friend

Two more days before we leave for Disney World!! The kids and I are excited. Kadi is too busy planning to pack to get excited. :)

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