Saturday, August 16, 2008

The End of Summer?

Temperatures in St Louis have dipped well below typical levels by now and I think summer is nearly over. There are sure to be some hot days ahead. However, fall and winter will be here before we know it.

Well enough daydreaming, I have some random family pictures from the past several weeks. Click the pictures to see more photos. As always, visit for my photostream.

The Huhn's sold their plane recently. Before the big (and sad) day, Spencer had a chance to get in the plane and do some testing.
Lift off

When my brothers and dad visited a couple of weeks ago, we took a trip to the zoo. The first picture shows Spencer with his bodyguard made of uncles. The second picture is obvious... Spencer is trying to be more of a giraffe than the real thing.
The Boys

Who is the better giraffe?

Leyton continues to grow like a little weed and Spencer continues to be a great big brother. Our trials with infant colic are nearly over. And for added enjoyment, Leyton is starting to sleep throughout the night more and more.
Bath Time

We are also having fun around the house. The two boys keep us young, yet age us quickly!
Chicken Time

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