Sunday, July 6, 2008

This is a retroactive update to the weblog. A couple of weekends ago our church had its annual baptism celebration. It was truly an awesome event. I can't begin to tell you how many people were there, but this picture shows "half" of the crowd around the man made 'lake.' Pretty cool isn't it?


After the baptism, a party of epic proportions erupted. Seriously. Being Usry's, part of the party included getting something to eat. There were several food stands, bouncing contraptions for the kids, and more.

Baptism Picnic

Leyton is only a couple of weeks old, but he still enjoyed the time out in the sun, field, and being around such a holy place.


Did I mention face painting? Spencer was very proud of his dinosaur face paint. My camera missed the moment he saw his cheek in the mirror- he was all grins.

Where is the dinosaur?

As night fall (and a thunderstorm) came, the youth band put on a wonderful show. Spencer enjoyed his first 'concert' of his young life.
Sadly, this is the best picture that I have of this part of the party. It occurs to me that I need a bigger photography budget for a telephoto lens. I am off to ebay. I hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

I used pictures that I had uploaded from my flickr account. Let me know how you like these style pictures.

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