Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Race Day- July 19th

This is actually a pretty shameless post. Its a good thing I have very little shame!
July 19th is race day for the Usry Family. My dad and brothers are coming into town at the same time the NASCAR Nationwide Series will be in the St Louis area. We have been going as a family for the last several years and have always had a great time. This year we wanted to do something special and maybe a little ostentatious.

So around 15 or so my friends (who knew I had that many? Seriously?) are gong to be making the trip to the racetrack, many of them for the first time. Certainly it will be the first for many to experience the way we enjoy time at the racetrack. In addition to a day under the July sun in St Louis, we will have a ton of food, opportunities to see the pit and garage areas, and get our yearly fill of 118 octane fuel and brunt rubber.

So back the the shameless part of this blog post. This is where I will keep everyone up to date on the event (as much as possible). I will be making use of the 'Label' ability in the blog. Just click on the 'Label' section on the 'racing' link and you will get all of the posts about the event. Cheesy, but oh so useful.

Bristol, Tn Spring 2008: Cooking Shrimp on the grill.
Hmmm, shrimp. Dukie is helping make some shrimp.

So for now, here is where we stand in the food department. The Usry's will be providing the main course, and I need everyone to bring plenty of food and drink. We will also need a couple of 'buffet' or 6 foot tables. If you have a tailgating tent please let me know. A couple of coolers, and a lot of ice will be needed. I already have one committment for gucamole (Desire makes a killer guac!), but the rest is needed. To let me know that you want to bring something, please email me or click on the comments link- thanks.

For those wanting to know- the main course will include steamed east coast oysters, Savannah low country boil, and BBQ chicken!



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I was going to let you know that I started my own blog so that you could check it out sometime. Hope ya'll are well!


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