Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 4th

So the problem with my new Rebel XT is a simple one. It takes forever to get pictures posted on the web. Why? I take way too many pictures now. Believe it or not its true (Spencer is already tired of me being a shutterbug!). These pictures are from our 4th of July party- it took forever to go through all 100+ pictures I took. Pathetic isn't it?

Well, last weekend the Taylors invited us to their house for a great 4th party/BBQ/kidfest- its was a great chance for old and new friends to get together. Here are some of the shots that were fun, interesting (and not blurry!).

Our friend Amy and her baby girl Emerson.

Amy, Kadi, and Shanna with all of the kids.

Ethan with is faux-hawk. He just oozes coolness.
Spencer and Kadi.
Nancy is not a fan of my camera skills. Well back at ya!

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