Tuesday, July 15, 2008

July 4th, Part Two

I am sure there was some crisis... though I can't remember it now. He recovered quickly though.

All of the kids got together for some awesome ice cream sandwiches.

The evening started with a parade and a traditional indepence day reading.

We have been trying to get Frank some treatment... with limited success. The diagnosis of constant surprise can be serious in some people.

You read it here first, Ben is going to be a great baseball player. He has the form and facial expressions of a major leaguer.

Spencer found this bike at the Taylor's house and quick took to it- riding like a champ. It does have training wheels- but he is ready to for the full two-wheel bike!
I hope you all had a great 4th of July!

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Sunday, July 13, 2008

July 4th

So the problem with my new Rebel XT is a simple one. It takes forever to get pictures posted on the web. Why? I take way too many pictures now. Believe it or not its true (Spencer is already tired of me being a shutterbug!). These pictures are from our 4th of July party- it took forever to go through all 100+ pictures I took. Pathetic isn't it?

Well, last weekend the Taylors invited us to their house for a great 4th party/BBQ/kidfest- its was a great chance for old and new friends to get together. Here are some of the shots that were fun, interesting (and not blurry!).

Our friend Amy and her baby girl Emerson.

Amy, Kadi, and Shanna with all of the kids.

Ethan with is faux-hawk. He just oozes coolness.
Spencer and Kadi.
Nancy is not a fan of my camera skills. Well back at ya!

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More of my Mom's visit

This is the last batch of pictures from my mom's visit in late June. (Why has it taken me so long to get these up? Who knows!). Even in late June, the weather was great this year. We were having lunch outside when Kadi got some pictures of us.

Its hard to find the better expression in this picture- Natalie's surprised shock, or Spencer's complete boredom with the conversation.

Leyton is about one month old in this picture. He is still doing great- except the hours of 8-10pm. That time is reserved for colic. Its great fun. But this is what we remember him for- being perfect.

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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Race Day- July 19th

This is actually a pretty shameless post. Its a good thing I have very little shame!
July 19th is race day for the Usry Family. My dad and brothers are coming into town at the same time the NASCAR Nationwide Series will be in the St Louis area. We have been going as a family for the last several years and have always had a great time. This year we wanted to do something special and maybe a little ostentatious.

So around 15 or so my friends (who knew I had that many? Seriously?) are gong to be making the trip to the racetrack, many of them for the first time. Certainly it will be the first for many to experience the way we enjoy time at the racetrack. In addition to a day under the July sun in St Louis, we will have a ton of food, opportunities to see the pit and garage areas, and get our yearly fill of 118 octane fuel and brunt rubber.

So back the the shameless part of this blog post. This is where I will keep everyone up to date on the event (as much as possible). I will be making use of the 'Label' ability in the blog. Just click on the 'Label' section on the 'racing' link and you will get all of the posts about the event. Cheesy, but oh so useful.

Bristol, Tn Spring 2008: Cooking Shrimp on the grill.
Hmmm, shrimp. Dukie is helping make some shrimp.

So for now, here is where we stand in the food department. The Usry's will be providing the main course, and I need everyone to bring plenty of food and drink. We will also need a couple of 'buffet' or 6 foot tables. If you have a tailgating tent please let me know. A couple of coolers, and a lot of ice will be needed. I already have one committment for gucamole (Desire makes a killer guac!), but the rest is needed. To let me know that you want to bring something, please email me or click on the comments link- thanks.

For those wanting to know- the main course will include steamed east coast oysters, Savannah low country boil, and BBQ chicken!


Sunday, July 6, 2008

My Mom Came to Visit

This past weekend my mother and little sister came to visit us (well, mainly Leyton). It was the highlight of our pre-4th of July week to have them around.

Natalie enjoyed having some time with her newest nephew. He enjoyed spitting up on her and being colicy at night. I guess that is how you are supposed to be with your aunt.

One of the odd things about my mom's trip to St Louis was that it was still cool outside. So cool, that the pool wasn't warm enough to swim in without being uncomfortable. However, we had access to an indoor pool and 'hot' tub which allowed for Spencer to play with his BeBe and Aunt Natalie while dad shot a bunch of pictures.

I don't recall what we were doing when this picture was taken. In fact it was a couple of days later when I was putting them all in the computer that I realized I had this shot. The water effect is pretty cool.

Before we left the pool, Spencer jumped out and ran to the other side and started to dance. Just like that, no provocation, no music, just unadulterated dance. His moves would have made any white boy proud. Sometimes this boy just does stuff that makes you laugh hysterically. This was one of those times.

You can see more pictures at my flickr account. You can also comment on the ones you see.
I'll post pictures from the 4th of July weekend soon.

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This is a retroactive update to the weblog. A couple of weekends ago our church had its annual baptism celebration. It was truly an awesome event. I can't begin to tell you how many people were there, but this picture shows "half" of the crowd around the man made 'lake.' Pretty cool isn't it?


After the baptism, a party of epic proportions erupted. Seriously. Being Usry's, part of the party included getting something to eat. There were several food stands, bouncing contraptions for the kids, and more.

Baptism Picnic

Leyton is only a couple of weeks old, but he still enjoyed the time out in the sun, field, and being around such a holy place.


Did I mention face painting? Spencer was very proud of his dinosaur face paint. My camera missed the moment he saw his cheek in the mirror- he was all grins.

Where is the dinosaur?

As night fall (and a thunderstorm) came, the youth band put on a wonderful show. Spencer enjoyed his first 'concert' of his young life.
Sadly, this is the best picture that I have of this part of the party. It occurs to me that I need a bigger photography budget for a telephoto lens. I am off to ebay. I hope that you enjoyed the pictures.

I used pictures that I had uploaded from my flickr account. Let me know how you like these style pictures.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Trouble with Pictures

At the moment, I am having some problems with the program that puts my pictures on the web. Its a simple problem, and I'll have it fixed soon. 
In the meantime, I put a few pictures up here (http://ngusry.jalbum.net/gabeusry.com).  Just click the links on the left side.  Pretty cool, eh?