Sunday, June 1, 2008

More Leyton Pictures

Leyton continues to do great!  He is eating like a hog every three hours.  Between feedings he just stares at the room of guests or sleeps like an angel.  All continues well.

This is from Spencer's first visit with his little brother after the C-Section.  He has started to get used to the idea of having a little brother... slowly. 

Once Spencer got into the action with a stool, he became Leyton's best non-professional helper. Spencer mainly directs all care the Leyton receives and basks in the knowledge that he is so much more advanced than his little brother right now. All that being said, Spencer thinks his little brother is still very special.

Here we pose for a picture.  Of the hundreds of takes, we finally got one with all of us cooperating with the camera. 

We have had plenty of visitors, and most of them get the obligatory picture withe Leyton.  However, this picture with my Dad is the only taken with our camera.  All of the rest of you need to send me a picture to be added to the blog.  All right?

More pictures soon.

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