Monday, June 23, 2008

I am now 'that' guy.

I have now become 'that' guy. You know the type, the overly proud dad with the fancy camera taking pictures of his kids while ignoring the wary looks from onlookers.

Over the weekend, I picked up a new camera, a canon rebel xti. Its nothing very fancy, but for me its a great looking camera that is simple to use and gives some great pictures. Give me some time, I'll become 'that' dad with all of the extra lenses, big camera bag, and a goofy look on my face.

While Spencer and I played in the backyard, Leyton was taking a nap. With the exception of his colic periods in the evening, he is perfect. Besides doing this, eating, and pooping, he is pretty content in life.

Spencer is taking a liking to tennis as you can see. He loves his tennis racket he got for his last birthday. He even has a group of fans watching him going after a ball.

Spencer is also a two-sport star: auto-racing. He is taking our neighbor, Joey, out for a spin around the 'track'.

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