Monday, June 23, 2008

I am now 'that' guy.

I have now become 'that' guy. You know the type, the overly proud dad with the fancy camera taking pictures of his kids while ignoring the wary looks from onlookers.

Over the weekend, I picked up a new camera, a canon rebel xti. Its nothing very fancy, but for me its a great looking camera that is simple to use and gives some great pictures. Give me some time, I'll become 'that' dad with all of the extra lenses, big camera bag, and a goofy look on my face.

While Spencer and I played in the backyard, Leyton was taking a nap. With the exception of his colic periods in the evening, he is perfect. Besides doing this, eating, and pooping, he is pretty content in life.

Spencer is taking a liking to tennis as you can see. He loves his tennis racket he got for his last birthday. He even has a group of fans watching him going after a ball.

Spencer is also a two-sport star: auto-racing. He is taking our neighbor, Joey, out for a spin around the 'track'.

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Monday, June 16, 2008


Leyton had his two week check up today and he weighed in a heft 8 lbs 11 oz. What a chunker!
At least that makes me feel a bit better about those middle of the night feedings that Kadi does. Everything else checked out well.

Father's Day

I hope that all you dads had a great Father's Day yesterday. I know I sure did!
We spent most of the day being lazy and just hanging out, nothing special. Being able to spend leisure time with the family was a wonderful treat. 

Spencer and Leyton are getting on well together. Spencer is very proud of his "baby brother Leyton" and helps out whenever he can (usually for only a second or two at a time!). We will try to get some pictures soon, but you have to be super quick before some truck, car, or ball captures Spencer's attention first!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Tennis Anyone?

Tennis Anyone?
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After watching a lot tennis during the French Open the last two weeks, Spencer found my headband, got his mini racket and posed for some media shots this weekend. He was a hoot running around swinging his racket yelling "Tennis!" for all to hear.

I got a chance to do some coaching on his forehand. Spencer is very close to making contact, then we are in big trouble!

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Television Interview

A couple of weeks ago I did a television interview with the local NBC affiliate on Asthma. It was my second time going downtown for the live interview with one of the lead anchors. Like last time, it was a wild yet exciting experience. The wildest part is going home that night to watch it on our HD-DVR as Spencer is laughing at dad on TV. Those iso-shots of your face on HD are humbling... along with the cackles of my two year old.

I'd post the link for the interview, but it requires way to many other clicks, download, commercials, and video compression. Thursday, inter-office mail delivered a DVD to my desk. A short while later it made it here, to my blog for you to enjoy and mock.

Remember, stop smoking. :)

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

Water Day

Spencer had water day at school today. They got to play in sprinklers, the teachers sprayed them with hoses, and everyone got a chance to wear their swim gear to school.  

Spencer was looking super hip in his surfer shirt and cool shorts.  He was nice enough to pause one second before heading to school to pose with his brother. 

Also of note, Spencer is doing great with his little brother the last couple of days. He is being much more active in watching over his brother when he cries and also helps during feeding time.  

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Sunday, June 1, 2008


Leyton spent plenty of time yesterday awake and starring at Kadi while she took lots of pictures of our littlest man. He seems very photogenic at such a young age. :) Of course, when the 'official' hospital photographer came, he went straight to sleep having nothing to do with them. He must of heard me complain about their ridiculous prices and cheesy outfits.

Spencer didn't want to be left out of the portrait sharing time. The last picture is his gift to you all this summer day.

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More Leyton Pictures

Leyton continues to do great!  He is eating like a hog every three hours.  Between feedings he just stares at the room of guests or sleeps like an angel.  All continues well.

This is from Spencer's first visit with his little brother after the C-Section.  He has started to get used to the idea of having a little brother... slowly. 

Once Spencer got into the action with a stool, he became Leyton's best non-professional helper. Spencer mainly directs all care the Leyton receives and basks in the knowledge that he is so much more advanced than his little brother right now. All that being said, Spencer thinks his little brother is still very special.

Here we pose for a picture.  Of the hundreds of takes, we finally got one with all of us cooperating with the camera. 

We have had plenty of visitors, and most of them get the obligatory picture withe Leyton.  However, this picture with my Dad is the only taken with our camera.  All of the rest of you need to send me a picture to be added to the blog.  All right?

More pictures soon.

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