Monday, May 14, 2007

Spring Outing

This past week, Spencer has had a few injuries. He cut his lip at the shoe store (with his mother of course) and then as soon as that healed over, the fell into a bucket abrasing his chin (this time with his father!). Of course he just keeps going... backwards hat and all.

This past weekend, we took a family trip to Soulard and the Soulard Market. This a nice area close to downtown St. Louis that has been rejuvenated over the last several years. The market was great. We enjoyed exploring aisle after aisle of fresh produce. Spencer enjoyed the crowds, but after awhile needed a siesta.

Afterwards we went to Llywelyn's to eat with the Huhn's. Of course this was a great chance to get some pictures of Spencer as he played at the table and along the sidewalk.

Spencer is also a great helper in the bathroom as we get ready every morning. Today he found my hair gel. He is super cool dude now, with a nice trendy hair style.

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Spencer's First Golf Game

Last weekend the weather turned nice (no more rain!) . After cutting the grass we all played outside for awhile. Spencer grabbed his golf clubs and went a-swingin'! Kadi grabbed the video camera, and I tried to avoid getting my toes smashed by the little golfer. Once he learns the two-handed swing, he will be a force out on the course.

The audio is from Carl Spackler (Bill Murray) from Caddyshack.

++Golf Video++ 5mb 1:20 Running time (Right-click, Save Target As to save to your computer)

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