Monday, March 5, 2007

Fish Talk

I received my first "award" on my salt water tank. The local club on Reef Central voted a picture of mine the best of the month. As soon as I can find the hi-resolution copy it will be part of the clubs yearly calender. Pretty cool!

Sadly though, one of my favorite corals died last week. This Orange Montipora Capricornis quickly turned white and died. I still haven't found any nudibranchs noted for fedding on this particular species. The leading cause of its demise is chemical warfare between another another agressive coral. It just goes to remind us that corals are not plants, but actually members of the animal kingdom. It just shows that my B.S. Biology is worth something afterall.

This is a common coral in the St Louis area. It started several months ago, no bigger than three inches and was nearly ten inches wide. I'll find another from a friendly reefer in the area and start over again.
More pictures of the tank can be found here.

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