Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Spencer Has Two New Teeth

I am so proud of my little boy - two big chompers now!
Today, Spencer was a little bit more grumpy than normal and we quickly figured out why when we found his second tooth. The little guy got some ibuprofen and quickly turned into his normal happy baby self.

MeMa and PaPap (Usry) got Spencer his first wagon. For his first assemble me project, it went over pretty well. Only a few tools were thrown and only one wheel cap was mangled beyond recognition. I give myself a B- on the construction, however I was using the Japanesse instructions. Not bad for a handicap!

Lastly, a picture from Memorial Day weekend. The Usry's and the Mackey's were in town. Spencer had his first trip to the pool. He loves his "old man" hat as Kadi calls it. He also liked his turtle boat.

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